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You Are Not Alone

Learning that your unborn child may be born with Down syndrome can be a traumatic experience for you and your family. Please know that you are not alone. The Down Syndrome Association of Orange County is here to provide you with resources and services to help you navigate through this time of uncertainty. We also have Parent Mentors available who have been in your shoes and can help provide support. In addition, we invite you to join our Support Group for parents and their babies with Down syndrome - 0 to 3yrs old. This Support Group takes place in a relaxed and informal setting at the DSAOC Center on the first Thursday of each month. Visit the DSAOC Website calendar to confirm details.

We would like to assure you, as we assure each of our new parents, that your child will be more like typical children than unlike them. Your child will go to school and will learn. He or she will look like you and will share your family traits. Perhaps most importantly, your baby will grow to become a complex and unique individual and will be a positive contributing member of your family and community.

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